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High-Rise (2015)

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Watch High-Rise (2015) Full Movie Online Free in HD 1080P or Download High-Rise (2015) Full Movie in HD 1080P for Free.

High-Rise (2015)


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High-Rise (2015) Movie Online Plot

Amidst an immeasurable sea stands the Elysium Tower – a sparkling vertical city – a haven for testing times. Fueled by sun and earth, outlined by the best building visionary of the new thousand years, Elysium is an independent world. A universe of business, cooking and stimulation, including eateries, swimming pools, libraries, silver screens, even an exploration doctor’s facility. It is not only the tallest and most innovatively propelled work of present day design, however one that typifies the world’s most elevated yearnings. Dr. Robert Laing, another entry, settles in and acclimates to this hermetic life. In any case, after a short time he gets to be mindful of something unsettling in the building. In a raising climate of agitation the occupants break into tribal groups. Laing watches with sickening dread as the myth of an idealistic culture is broken.


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